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"Remembering you, Samantha", a Russian language documentary at Rare footage of Samantha's trip to the USSR.
"Samantha's Smile", a Russian language documentary at Located at 07:18.
Farewell to Artek
News report on Samantha's Memorial Service
Excerpt from a documentary May There Always Be Sunshine. In Russian. Footage of Samantha in Artek. (6:45)
Evening Magazine, WBZ-TV 4 Boston (NBC Affiliate), October 7, 1985 (5:43)
April 25, 1983 - This day in History on - new photos of Samantha's trip available for viewing and purchase.
Samantha Smith's Questions - a virtual exhibit at the Maine Historical Society website
Transcripts of articles from Soviet newspapers circa 1983
Samantha in Moscow - rare photographs
20th Anniversary of Samantha's trip coverage at
Samantha and Arthur Smith visiting with Senator George J. Mitchell (George J. Mitchell Papers, Geroge J. Mitchell Department of Special Collecetions, Bowdoin College Library.)
Samantha's visit to the USSR as documented by TASS/FOTO
Transcripts of ABC shows featuring Samantha Smith are available online. Subscribe to view. search for "Samantha Smith"
Samantha Smith at the Internet Movie Database
Samantha Smith Elementary School
Text of Maine statute declaring Samantha Smith Day
Samantha Smith's statue in Augusta
Samantha Smith's statue in Voronezh, Russia
Aircraft Accident Report
Official Accident Report
"Americans Who Tell the Truth" by Rob Shetterly book website

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