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Upon her return from the Soviet Union Samantha, with her father's help, wrote a book about her trip which she entitled Journey to the Soviet Union. Other titles in the Books section include Samantha by Yuri Yakovlev, Samantha Smith: Journey for Peace by Anne Galicich, Samantha Smith: Young Ambassador by Patricia Stone Martin, Citizen Diplomats by Gale Warner and Michael Shuman and Americans Who Tell the Truth by Robert Shetterly. Show more




"I'm writing you this letter because I'm so confused. You see I'm only ten years old with already so much to lose..." - starts out Samantha's Song by Cathie Stebbins. Other music pieces that appear on this page are Remembering Child by Per Nørgård and Samantha's Message: All Over the World by Mollis and Griffin. Show more



Political Cartoons

"To Samantha and all the Smith family - who helped to bring us closer," - wrote Jim Borgman, a political cartoonist for Cincinnati Enquirer on the drawing he presented to the Smith family in 1983. This and several other political cartoons appear here courtesy of Samantha's mother, Jane Smith. Show more



Lime Street show

Starring Robert Wagner as James Greyson Culver, a Virginia horse farmer who also investigated insurance fraud for a British insurance company. Samantha Smith was cast as Culver's daughter Elizabeth, and Maia Brewton as her little sister Margaret Ann. The show began filming in May of 1985. A series had a tragic reason for leaving the air after Samantha's death on August 25, 1985. Show more




This section contains photographs of Samantha's trip to the USSR, her various post-USSR engagements, interviews, her role in Lime Street TV series as well as other photographs. Show more



Other Online Resources

This page displays links to other websites which might be of interest to those who are researching Samantha's story. Show more


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