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Zemledelsko Zname - July 28, 1983

"Cъветските хора се стремят към мир" in Bulgarian. Translated by Slavcho Yordanov.

Soviet people strive for peace

Washington, July 27-th (TASS). – "The Journey to Soviet Union was the most beautiful journey in my life," said American schoolgirl Samantha Smith to the reporter of TASS. Few days ago the girl from Manchester (Maine) returned home with her parents from the Soviet Union, where she was visiting by invitation of General Secretary of the USSR Yuri Andropov.

"I like the Soviet people," said Samantha. "The people whom I met, truly do not wish a war, they seek peace. They are, like me, convinced that we must stop the future build-up of weapons and must achieve some agreement for peace. I leave many friends in the USSR. For example, I made very good friends with girl from Leningrad Natasha Kashirina, with whom I shared a room in camp “ARTEK”. My impressions from stay in “ARTEK”, and Black Sea are unforgettable. Everything was wonderful."

"Our visit was very successful," added Samantha`s father Arthur Smith. "We will remember this for long time. In my opinion our visit was very successful and useful, because it helps us Americans to learn about Russians and on the other hand help Russians to learn about USA. I truly hope that our countries will develop contacts like this between ordinary people."

In conclusion, Arthur Smith thanked Soviet people for the warm hospitality and said that his family would be happy to visit the USSR again. (BTA)

(Picture) At the end of April American schoolgirl Samantha Smith received a reply to her letter to Yuri Andropov. The news was quickly spread by the news agencies and formerly unknown fifth-grade from Manchester, Maine became a celebrity.
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